Un videogioco per lo studio del trattamento dell’ambliopia

3D4ambSpaceInvaders is a small video game in which part of the entities can be hidden to one eye (which will be penalized). It is a sort a patching realized according to the principles of this project.


This software is licensed under the GPLV3. It contains software from other projects like LWJGL, JORBIS, Log4J, args4j and others. You can download also the sources (see below) and modify it, but you cannot redistribute the binaries if you don’t make your changes public (under the same license).


This software works under Windows (32 and 64 bit) with 3D Vision and Quadro graphic cards. Because it is based on OpenGL (LWJGL), it needs a quadro card. It needs also Java installed (the libraries of LWJGL are included in the zip file)


WARNING This software has no medical objectives. Use at your own risk. If you agree, you must send a message to angelo.gargantini@unibg.it and he will send a password. Then, you can download the zip file containing the binaries for windows here.


To run the game, unzip the file, open a shell in the same directory where you have put the files. There are three modes to run, depending on the policy used to penalized the normal eye:

  1. NONE: the game is used without any penalization
  2. USER: the user penalizes one eye pressing L/R
  3. TIMER: the computer penalizes one eye after delta seconds.

Run the jar file with the command java -jar 3d4ambInvaders.jar OPTIONS. the options are:

 -policy [NONE | USER | TIMER] : specify the penalization policy
 -delta N                      : penalizes the eye after <delta> seconds (use
                                 it when policy = TIMER)
 -eye [LEFT | RIGHT]           : the eye to be penalized (use
                                 it when policy = TIMER)
 -fullscreen                   : show in full screen

User mode

In user mode, the game lets the user decide in this way:

PRESS L during the game to hide entities to the left eye

PRESS R during the game to hide entities to the right eye

If you have hidden everything and press again L or R, all the entities will be shown to both eyes.


The sources can be downloaded here

If you are interested in collaborating in improving the software, please contact Angelo Gargantini.