We have devised a method for vision rebalancing. The concepts can be found in the paper Angelo Gargantini, Mariella Bana, and Flavia Fabiani Using 3D for Rebalancing the Visual System of Amblyopic Children in International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2011 see here. If you want to try it, perform the following steps. NOTE: you are using this teraphy at your own risk.


Avinsynth is a frameserver that runtime processes the video streaming for vision rebalancing. We chose to do not perform any preprocessing of the video streaming.

Avinsynth can be found here and must be installed to perform vision rebalancing.

Pantarheon 3D

Pantarheon 3D allows two separte streams to be viewed in the same 3D display.


Pantarheon 3D can be found here and must be installed to perform vision rebalancing.

Special filters

We use some special filters, for example median blur, which can be found here. To install unzip and place in the dlls in the right directory. It is not mandatory, but if you want to use the medianblur filter, you need it.

ViReSS, VIdeo REbalancing by Stereoscopic Streaming

ViReSS is an editor based on eclipse RCP to build avisyth scipts in a friendly manner. The doctor builds the script by dragging filters and setting them through a nice graphical interface. A simple screenshot of ViReSS: p

viress screenshot

To download ViReSS and for a brief manual click here. ViReSS helps the user to write the scipt files for vision rebalancing.

Final result

At the end, for every video you want to use for vision rebalancing, you will need an avisynth script with the right commands. For instance, the following script performs a medianblur over the right eye for the file cartoon.avi:

video = AviSource("cartoon.avi")
lv = video 
rv = video
#apply the medianblur filter 
rv = rv.medianblur(-30, 0, 0, true)
lv = lv.ConvertToYUY2
rv = rv.ConvertToYUY2
LeftRight3D(lv, rv) #clip in 3D

Save the script as .avs script in the same directory as the cartoon.avi and open it with the NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player.