Abbiamo sviluppato diverso softare. Se sei interessato a provarlo, scrivimi:

Space Invaders

Author: Allan Taschini for his BS thesis Goal: the player see only one part of the scene with the normal eye, while the amblyopic eye sees all the details. In the example below, the left eye (amblyopic) can see the ship and all the invaders, the right eye does not see the ship, part of the enemies and some clouds.


If you want to try Space Invaders please look here

Image Viewer

Author: Alberto Capelli for his BS thesis. Goal: an image viewer that sends a degradated image to the normal eye. The program reads all the images in a directory and applies the selected filter to all the images in a directory building a slide show.

ViReSS, VIdeo REbalancing by Stereoscopic Streaming

Author: Marco Taschini for his MS thesis. Goal: an editor based on eclipse RCP to build avisyth scipts in a friendly manner. The doctor builds the script by dragging filters and setting them through a nice graphical interface. The therapy is explained in the paper Angelo Gargantini, Mariella Bana, and Flavia Fabiani Using 3D for Rebalancing the Visual System of Amblyopic Children in International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2011.

viress screenshot

If you want to try vision rebalancing and ViReSS, see the info about vision rebalancing and download the software ViReS

MCTEval and CTVideoGame

Author: Andrea Vitali for his MS thesis. Goal: still on going work on measuring constrast threshold and on applying it to a video gameā€¦ More details soon.

3D RandomDot StereoAcuity Test

We have developed a program for the stereo acuity test, called 3DRaSaT


If you are interested in collaborating and trying the software, please contact Angelo Gargantini.