This is Car Race Cardboard

a funny way to improve your lazy eye

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About us

The application’s aim is improve your lazy eye.
Your children or your patients can get better without any invasive therapy.

How's the game? you're driving against traffic and you have to avoid cars in front of you, going on in the game the speed of your "enemies" and the penalty increases

what do you need?
1) google cardboard, or any other 3D VR glasses
2) earphone with controller (+,- and confirm)

where you can find it? download it on Google play store! It's FREE!!!

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Angelo Gargantini

project's handler

Fabio Terzi


Matteo Zambelli


How to play

Download our Android application on play store

You need a google cardboard or a 3D stereo visor, and a pair of earphones with keys(plus, minus and confirm)


If you want to trace your children’ improvements, you have to sign up

If you are a doctor, you will able to check your patients sending us an email and we will provide you a special page

you can play without registration, but we can't trace your improvement

connect now smartphone and earphone

insert your device into the cardboard

choose the lazy eye


Get in touch

if you need to contact us, compile the form

UniBg, Dalmine (Italy)